Aug 24, 2012

Win Cloth Wipes from by: Angela

Having two girls in the same season has made buying new things for the new baby pretty much obsolete, except for a few items that got damaged or lost in our move.  But, there are a few things I didn't buy for Rosaleigh that I simply must have for Carlyn.  One of those items is a nursing cover.  Although I nursed Rosa for over 18 months, I struggled through nursing in public quite often with a blanket and sometimes I would just find a private place to nurse her.  But, I plan on being out and about much more often with the girls so a nursing cover is a necessity.  I chose to try one from by: Angela.

She has a ton of fabrics to choose from and I absolutely love the product.  The nursing cover features a super big neck loop so you can peek in on your little one easily, an adjustable neck strap that adjusts to fit your size and a terry cloth pocket that can store your nursing pads and doubles as a great burp cloth.

We also got some super cute cloth wipes. The wipes are a generous 9" x 10" size (measurement approximate and will shrink ) made with two layers of 100% soft cotton flannel. Two layers are serged together with rounded corners.

The wipes work well and I love the fabric selections, but I don't really care for the cotton flannel.  The first few times I used them, they took a minute for the fabric to absorb water compared to the terry and micro fiber wipes I already own.  These wipes can be used as wash and cleaning cloths as well.  You can also try out these sanitary wipes.

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