Sep 28, 2012

Music with Ms. Carissa at Boogie Babies

We were so lucky to be able to make the concert at Boogie Babies yesterday.  Lucky in two ways, we actually made it (relatively on time) despite the toddler tantrum before we left and the lazy last minute mommy who decided to wait to get dressed, showered and get the baby ready, and lucky because the concert by Ms. Carissa was so much fun!!!!

We are no strangers to Boogie Babies, it is a great indoor play space, especially on days when the weather is not conducive to outdoor play.  You can check out our review on our blog here: Boogie Babies Review.

So, we arrived just after the music had started.  It took a few minutes for Rosa to settle in and warm up to the idea of dancing and getting involved.  She enjoyed all of the songs that Ms. Carissa sang like "The Wheels on the Bus", "Twinkle Twinkle" "The Sleep Song" and so much more.  Ms. Carissa added some quirky twists to the songs to get the children more involved and active, like singing "The Dinos on the bus go Stomp Stomp Stomp".  She also asked the children for input which sparked all kids of creative imaginative play.  It was so fun to watch Rosa sing, clap, jump, dance, pretend and have fun!!!

Ms. Carissa will be performing every Thursday at Boogie Babies.  You can enjoy this weekly concert for $10/child, which includes a play pass for the day.  Space is limited so reservations are highly recommended as these shows often fill up.  You can make your reservation by calling Tony at Boogie Babies: (248) 852-6288.

Mention Metro Detroit Mommy when you call to reserve your spot for Thursday, October 4th and receive $1 off your admission.  

  • ~ offer valid for the October 4th show ONLY
  • ~ may not be combined with any other offer
  • ~ valid only when reservation is made before close of business on Wednesday, October 3rd.

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