Dec 19, 2012

How many squares do you see? Solution

How many squares do you see?  I see this question many times with many different answers.  So, how many can you find:

Here is my solution:

8 1/4 size squares
(16) 1x1 squares
two more 1x1 squares

four 2x2 squares

two more 2x2 squares

2 more 2x2 squares

one last 2x2 square

3x3 square

3x3 square

3x3 square

3x3 square

4x4 square
 So my answer is 40.  Did you find any that I missed?  If so, please let me know below.


Metro Detroit Mommy Writer:


  1. You are correct Metro Detroit Mommy. I had countged 38 but your excellent solution showed my error. I had not counted your 2" squares numbers 33 & 34. Thanks.

  2. yes, rectangles are also squares so there are at least 48

    1. All rectangles have 4 right angles. All four side have to be the same length to be a square.

    2. Abdul... A square has to have four equal sides.. and if it included rectangles.. the answer would be much higher than 48.. LOL.