Jan 8, 2013

Belly Banter from Golden Touch

For those of you with very young children or planning to have a child, or know someone who is pregnant or trying, this post is for you!  (Which is just about everyone right?)

I have the perfect gift idea for those mom's to be,  Belly Banter. Here is the concept, pick a sticker, stick it on a shirt or onesie and take a picture, it is that simple.  At $14.99 from Golden Touch Baby Concierge in Birmingham, they are a wonderful investment for marking special events and monthly milestones for babies.  Belly Banter is also available for mom's to be to mark pregnancy milestones.

Here is a video from Slick Sugar, the maker of Belly Banter:

Courtesy of Golden Touch Baby Concierge in Birmingham, I was able to try out these stickers with Carlyn last month.  The Belly Banter Belly Stickers for girls come with 15 super cute four inch stickers.  The colors work perfectly with any white onesie, but colored shirts can work as well. (Follow us on Facebook to see our images each month and watch Carlyn grow.)

Our five month in home photo shoot went really well.  I love how the stickers are so easy to use and mark the age of the baby in the photograph instead of having to remember which photo is which.  

They also make a great reminder each month to take a picture of your baby to see how much they have grown:

These images are great to print up to display at a first birthday party, in a baby scrapbook or share with friend and family each month.  The images can also be used in a photo collage.  

You can get Belly Banter Stickers and a ton of other great gifts for Mom-to-be at Golden Touch Baby Concierge in Birmingham.
2237 Cole Street , Birmingham, Michigan 48009

(248) 952-8320

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