Feb 15, 2013

Nuclear Cowboyz - review

Guest Blogger: Carissa Knoles from Music with Ms. Carissa

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s the Nuclear Cowboyz! This high-flying, fire breathing, motorized rodeo was action packed! The Nuclear Cowboyz made for a great night out for families with middle school and teenage kids who can be very hard to please. The Palace of Auburn Hills is an exciting venue due to the massive size and loud rumble of the crowd. The heat from explosives, fireworks and other pyrotechnics could be felt around the stadium in all levels of seats.

The Nuclear Cowboyz captivated audiences looking for more than flips and tricks by sharing a story line. The group was broken into teams who “battled” throughout the show, engaging the audience to choose their favorite team by cheering loudly. Dancing was a huge part of this performance also, as high energy men and women entertained the crowd with choreographed routines. It was amazing to watch dancers run up steep ramps and back down again. Overall, the whole spectacle provided something appealing for teenage children and adults. Thanks to the Nuclear Cowboyz for an action packed night out!

Carissa Knoles holds a BGS in Children and Families from the University of Michigan. She also has over 6 years experience working in NAEYC Accredited Early Childhood programs and is pursuing further education in Early Childhood and Music Therapy. Carissa is the secretary of the Metro Detroit Association of the Education of Young children in addition to providing music enrichment programs in the Metro Detroit area. Working as an advocate for Early Childhood Education through both music and leadership is a dream come true for Carissa. You can find out more about Music with Ms. Carissa by visiting www.mscarissarocks.com!  

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