Mar 7, 2013

Week 1 progress with Shaklee 180™

So, I'm just finishing my first week on the program and I feel great.  I have been weighing myself daily and I am thrilled to see the numbers go down steadily each day.  It is amazing!  About two days ago, I really felt a burst of energy that has been with me ever since.  I want to get up and move, so yesterday I tried a Burst workout.  It is available on the Shaklee 180™ phone app.

The workout is designed to burn fat in a very short amount of time.  I spent a few minutes (this warm up was 6:06) warming up, 7:31 minutes working out (4:31 of this is rest... I kid you not), and a few minutes (3 this time) cooling down.  Maybe 20 minutes tops.  The workout is comprised of three set of twenty second bursts of exercise where you give it your all for the whole 20 seconds.  It was a challenge, but was a great workout.

I really am tempted to share with you my actual progress, but I'm going to wait until the month ends to do the stats and weight and another photo.  But I will tell you that I'm now fitting comfortably into some of the size 20 jeans I have (thanks mom).

I am already loving the new me!!!

You can read more about my past few months and experiences here:

Are you interested in starting to achieve your own weight loss goals?  You can find out more about the Shaklee™ program on their website or like them on Facebook.  

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