Mar 12, 2013

What Our Fans Have to Say - Mom's Groups near Novi

The Question: 
  • Bri - Are you interested in a MOPS group? This is the group I am in:
  • Emily- Check out!
  • Jessica - I have been looking for one too!
  • Katie - I'm in Novi but the Farmington Area Moms Club is very active and has members from Novi, Livonia too. I'm a working mom so not real active but I'd recommend checking it out!
  • Shannon - Mothers of preschoolers. I go to the meeting at Ward Church, 6 mile and Haggerty.
  • Sharon - Thanks for posting this thread! I'm also a working mom looking for something in this area! 
  • Kristine - Our MOMS (Moms offering Moms Support) group meets every other Monday in Northville at the First United Methodist Church, 8 Mile & Taft in northville. Our next meeting is the 18th at 9:30am, it's our Easter party.
  • Laura - I second Farmington Area Moms Club. They are a great group with something for everyone.
  • Metro Detroit Mommy This is the same group, but different sites. ~Mackenzie
  • Danielle - The Farmington Area Moms Club is always accepting new members. It is a very active group!
  • Danielle - Guess I should have read the comments first! Apparently I third the FAMC!
  • Lisa - There is a working moms playgroup through in Northville. They have a lot of activities that accommodate the working mom. Here is the link
  • Michelle - If you are looking for a group of moms that is smaller and like to exercise I run baby boot camp in Baby Boot Camp Farmington Hills. I schedule a few playdates and moms night outs throughout the year.
  • Jelena - Moms Club of Novi West, Moms Club of Novi East and Moms Club of Northville. they are all great clubs! Good luck
  • Teresa - I organize a Working Mom's group through, we mainly do meetup's in Novi, Canton and Livonia and have a really great group of people right now! Most kids are 3 and under!
  • ONE Training - We have mom and baby classes, toddler and preschooler classes and are in Novi - come visit us!!!
  • Kristen - MOPS @ oakpointe church in novi

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