Apr 8, 2013

BG Birthing Gown Review

The thought of having a baby is so exciting.  But, one thing about delivering at the hospital are those stupid hospital gowns.  They are not made for modesty or for larger people.  Before Carlyn was born I contacted BG Birthing Gown and they let me try out one of their gowns for free.

Here is what I loved about the birthing gown:

Beautiful colors and style - this gown is beautiful and stylish.  I loved my cocoa/pink colors, but they also come in blush, cocoa/blueberry, blueberry/purple & blueberry/teal.  I loved that I'm not wearing an ugly hospital gown in any of my pictures.  

Easy to breastfeed - The velcro tabs on either side made breastfeeding Carlyn easy.  Compared to a hospital gown where you either have to pull the whole gown up or down, the birthing gown simply unlatches just below the shoulder with one hand.  The velcro makes it easy to release and secure.

The texture - I'm super sensitive to certain textures, and this gown worked for me.  It was easy to move around in the gown.

Full coverage in the rear - the wrap around style provided for full coverage of my rear end which typical hospital gown seem to neglect.  Who wants to walk around a hospital with their booty hanging out?  Especially a problem for larger people.  

Easy to remove - the velcro tabs on the shoulders made this gown very easy to take off.  Especially handy when you want to remove clothing when you have an IV.  

Here is what I didn't love: 

Not designed for a C-Section - I went into delivery knowing I would have a c-section.  I wore the gown into the operating room only to have to hike it up to my shoulders to get my spinal done.  (Hello world, here is my booty) Then the staff decided to take it off completely because they didn't want it to be damaged during the surgery.  So much for modesty.  I was completely naked (I was covered with sheets and blankets, but still, I was naked.

Not designed for very large women - at the time of delivery I was a size 24.  The gown fit, technically, but there was a huge open space open between by breasts.  I don't like to show them off and the whole purpose of the gown was to cover up.  I ended up sewing a piece of triangle shaped material into the chest area to cover up the girls.  

No support - at bra size 44 H I need some support, but was disappointed that the gown did not provide any.  Being a one size fits all, I get that having a supported bra feature would make the gown more individualized, but a girl can dream big.

Difficult to put on - Well, if you are smaller I think it would be easier, but I was big and pregnant and the threading of the strap to wrap it around me was difficult.  Had I been smart, I would have used the velcro straps to remove and step back into it after my first shower.  However, I was on some great drugs and not thinking clearly, so I needed some help getting it back on.

In Summary:

This is a great gown for women who are having a vaginal birth and are small to large size.  It provides comfort, style, functionality and coverage.  However, if you are very large the gown might not work for you. It is a great choice pre and post c-section delivery, but it isn't the gown you want to wear into the operating room.  I have saved my gown and plan on using it during my next hospital stay.

You can buy a birthing gown online from BG Birthing Gown or follow them on Facebook.

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