Apr 20, 2013

Burger King - Rochester

Last Tuesday we visited the Burger King on Crooks, just south of M-59 in Rochester.  This location has lot of tubes to crawl through, a spiral slide and a colorful shoe holder.  There is no restroom in the play area, but there are tables and high chairs, although everything looked worn and grimy.

Being on the Shaklee program, I swapped out my lunch and dinner and splurged and had a Whopper Jr. (instead of a regular Whopper), bacon cheddar tater tots (which Rosa and I shared) and water.  I was surprised to find out the Whopper Jr. is only 340 calories without cheese and the tater tots were 380 for 8 pieces.  Not so bad.  I do not recommend the loaded tater tots, they were okay, but not worth the money, nor the calories IMO.

Overall, this BK play area is par for the course, not really dirty, but an update on the furniture and structure could do it some good.  We won't be going out of our way to visit again.

Metro Detroit Mommy Writer: