Apr 10, 2013

Kids Bowl Free

Bowling is fun, free bowling is even better, but it can't get any better than FREE bowling every day through the summer.  Right?

Kids Bowl Free is offering every child (15 and under) a opportunity to bowl for FREE every day during the summer.  How awesome is that?

All you have to do is sign up on their website, pick your favorite bowling alley and register.  It's that easy.  

Parents bowl using the Family Pass. The Family Pass starts from $24.95 and includes 2 GAMES PER PERSON PER DAY and covers up to 4 adult family members. You may have 1, 2, 3, or 4 adults on the family pass. The price of the pass covers all 4 members.  So, that is a little more than $8 per person.  

Bowling is a great physical activity, perfect for those spring days full of rain or dog days of summer.  If you have older children, teaching them how to keep track of the score is a great way to build/maintain math skills, plus bowling is fun!!!  

Metro Detroit Mommy Writer: