Apr 7, 2013

Nature's Playhouse

“Clawson-based ‘Nature’s Playhouse’ brings natural learning environment with special approach for strengthening child development and wellness support to caregivers.”

Clawson based “Nature’s Playhouse” combines RIE (Resources for Infant Edu-carers), Waldorf, and other ‘instinctive parenting’ approaches into an infant/toddler play-center designed to encourage creative play, artistic expression, and social capacity. Activities emphasize children’s independence, permitting them to learn and interact at their own pace, and by their own volition as well as classes geared toward strengthening parental confidence and health.

In addition, the playhouse welcomes itself as a meeting place for a host of private groups offering post-birthing issue support on subjects like nursing and postpartum depression.

Owners Michelle McEvoy and Lisa Ball describe their educational model for children as one “designed to awaken an ideal balance between the physical, behavioral, emotional, cognitive, and social aspects of the developing person.”

“We’ve tried to provide a refuge for new moms as well as classes based in getting information, friendship and help during this transformative time in their lives.” say Ball and McEvoy.

In support of their unique vision, continued growth, and expansion, they are currently in the beginning stages of creating a kickstarter fund. 

Infant and Toddler Classes include:

Infant Massage – teaching techniques for strengthening parental bonds through touch and affection, thereby enhancing a child’s social and emotional confidence in later development.

Find Your Beat Music Playgroup – stimulating learning and individual expression through music, song, dance, and instrument play.

Wee Hands Sign and Play – teaching sign language through play. Children learn to manipulate their new bodies in order to communicate positively their needs, thoughts, wants, and frustrations.

Play Groups – Children explore an enriching child-centered environment, with songs, book readings, games, and crafts. Caregivers enjoy the growth of supportive friendships out of weekly conversations with other parents and experienced early childhood teachers.

Drop-in Play – Children are encouraged to make a first time visit through our ‘drop-in play’ sessions, which gives children a chance to explore the playhouse in an unstructured and free-play format.
See our review of Drop-in Play at Nature's Playhouse.

Mom, Dad & Caregiver Classes include:

Pre-Natal Yoga - Mothers in pregnancy are invited to nourish and strengthen themselves both physically and mentally through a guided exploration of yoga.

Yoga/Play – Parents are invited to practice yoga in a nurturing space while their child enjoys play in an enriching child-centered environment. This class provides the opportunity for parents to practice yoga without worrying about childcare.

Hypno-birthing – A practice also coined as ‘The Mongan Method’ which is a form of natural childbirth involving techniques of relaxation, breathing and visualization to help women to use their natural instincts in order for a safer, easier, and more comfortable childbirth.

Group Meet-ups:

Traumatic Birth Recovery Group
Providing friendship and support through sharing our traumatic birth experiences. Unlike in film and TV, the birth experience can be an extremely difficult process for some. Our experience may be far from what we had planned, and often we may be traumatized by it, but through the shared wisdom of peers who have experienced similar difficult birth events we can begin to find ways to heal ourselves.

LaLeche League of Royal Oak
Providing nursing assistance, education, and information to new moms. LaLeche promotes breastfeeding as a natural element in the healthy development of both the growing child and mother.

Nature’s Playhouse
509 Fisher Court
Clawson, MI 48017

WEBSITE: http://www.naturesplayhouse.com/

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