Apr 18, 2013

Scooby Doo Live! Review

Guest Blogger: 
Carissa Knoles

Live at the Fox Theater was an eery and engaging tale of the beloved members of Mystery Inc! Shaggy and Scooby with the rest of the crew rocked the house in the musical version of Scooby Doo Live! Children ages 3-101 could sing and move to the groovy tunes during the interactive stage show. The storyline was easy to follow while each number was just spooky enough to catch the audience's attention. "Ghost" yelled the children and families each time the character garbed in white with blinking red eyes ran across the stage or popped up in an open window. In the end, "those meddling kids" solved the mystery and saved the Fox Theater from the ghostly haunts of the villains yet again celebrating with a rocking medley of the Scooby Doo theme song. In addition to the lively performance, children and families had a chance to enjoy the beautiful artistry of the Fox Theater downtown. Overall, the show was a big hit with young children and grown ups alike!

Carissa Knoles holds a BGS in Children and Families from the University of Michigan. She also has over 6 years experience working in NAEYC Accredited Early Childhood programs and is pursuing further education in Early Childhood and Music Therapy. Carissa is the secretary of the Metro Detroit Association of the Education of Young children in addition to providing music enrichment programs in the Metro Detroit area. Working as an advocate for Early Childhood Education through both music and leadership is a dream come true for Carissa. You can find out more about Music with Ms. Carissa by visiting www.mscarissarocks.com!  

Disclosure: Carissa and one lucky fan recieved free tickets to this event courtesy of Olympia Entertainment in exchange for this promotional post.    All thoughts and opinions shared that of the guest blogger. Your experience may differ.

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