May 23, 2013

George George Park

  • George George Park is located in Clinton Township, on Moravian between Harrington and Cass Avenue.  This thirty acre park includes three play structures, toddler and child sized swings, covered pavilions, fountain plaza, 5000 feet of walking and bike paths, a wedding garden (great for photos too), benches, picnic tables, a public restrooms, garbage and plenty of trees for shade. 

We didn't stay for very long on the day we visited, but from what I saw this park is amazing.  It is very well maintained and Rosa had a ton of fun playing.  Not all the structures are not designed for toddlers, Rosa (at almost 4 years) had a hard time navigating one of the structures.  And I was super nervous about her climbing so high on the main structure.

Metro Detroit Mommy Writer:


  1. It's Harrington, not Harrison. Wouldn't want anyone getting confused and missing out on a great place to go. We live right there and enjoy going most evenings for some fun on the structures and a nice long walk.
    With prom season here it can be extremely crowded and hard to park most early weekend evenings

    1. Thank you for the correction. The change has been made:)