May 14, 2013

Shaklee™ Blogger - Healthy Living

It is more than just weight loss.  No really it is.  To me is it so much more, it is a change in lifestyle.  The
Shaklee™ Blogger program has been teaching me so many valuable lessons.  Today's theme is healthy living.

Healthy Living - 

So what exactly am I doing?  Right?  Well, big changes, small changes, life changes, habit changes... change!  The first obvious thing I am doing is eating healthier.  With a limited caloric intake, I am learning how to maximize my food intake, no more wasted calories on dessert foods and empty carbs, okay, I splurge every once in a while, but I am really watching (and recording) what I eat.  I remember a motivational weight loss speaker equating counting calories to a checking account.  If you constantly find your account overdrawn (if you are gaining weight) then you should be keeping better track of the money you take in and the money you spend (keep track of your calories).

I am making better choices about my physical fitness.  If the weather is nice, I walk instead of drive. The grocery store, post office, my mom's house for dinner, around the block, I am walking.  With two little ones it is hard to find time for physical fitness, but walking with them in the stroller makes it easier.  They are entertained and I am getting exercise.  By the way, those walks really add up, two fold really.  If you walk just 4 days a week and burn say 350 calories, then after just 2.5 weeks you will have burned a whole pound worth of food.  The second part of that equation is that having more muscle increases your metabolism, allowing you to burn calories more quickly.

Talking with my Aunt last week, we talked about the little things that can add up.  For instance, in the five years I lived and worked in New York I walked about one mile every day because I took the train.  Then I walked up two flights of stairs to get to the train, one flight of stairs to get out of the train station (which was underground at my stop) then up three more flights to get to my classroom, at least once a day.  I can't imagine how heavy I would be if had chosen to drive to work and take the elevator every day.  Simple choices like a parking spot that is a little father away, taking the stairs and walking to local places can make a big impact over time.

But it isn't just about my body either.  Healthy living includes the mind.  I think many mothers sacrifice themselves to the family, but we need time for us too.  I personally have been taking time away from my family to be alone.  Sometimes it is to go shopping, go for a walk or just go out.  Being in a good state of mind is essential for reaching your personal goals.

Are you making healthier choices in your life?  Please feel free to drop me a line.  I would love to hear about it!

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