Jun 25, 2013

Brandenburg Park and Splash Pad - Chesterfield

I have to say, I am kind of in love with summer.  So what if it is hot, I'm a water baby, and my kids are water babies, and well, it is not fun playing in the sprinkler or swimming in the pool in any other season but summer.  So, you can image how excited I was to hear that Brandenburg opened a splash pad this summer.

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I know Brandenburg Park fairly well.  I used to live in Chesterfield, and my son, Damian, took acting classes that were held in the park, way back when.  It was also a possible venue for my hubby's and my wedding.

I wanted to get married at the end of this pier!!  

Anyway, I was super geeked to check out the new splash pad.  Brandenburg Park is located off of Jefferson, a few miles north of Selfridge AFB and just south of 23 Mile. See a map here.

Lots of pavilions and tables make this park a great place for a summer picnic lunch.

Parking is $5 per car, with season passes available.  Check the website for current rates. Signs are posted that exact change or small bills are required.  I overheard one mother say that they turned her away at the gate because they didn't have change for her $10.  I sincerely hope that the management has enough sense to  supply the employees with enough change in the future, seeing as there were laminated signs posted, I am guessing that this has been an issue and will continue to be for a while.   Anyway, if you want to go, bring a $5 just to be safe.

I like how the splash pad is close to the parking and there are plenty of picnic tables and pavilions for lunches.  Although seating around the splash pad was very sparse, three benches hardly accommodated all of the parents.

The splash pad itself had a lot of fun features.  Rosa had a blast running around and through all the water, while Carlyn played in water jets that sprayed from the ground.  Compared to Metro Beach, this is much smaller.

A few things I think could be improved:
They need more seating (so bring your own chairs)
Orange plastic construction fence still surrounds the structure
There isn't much space on the cement that doesn't get wet, so I wouldn't set down a towel on the ground, but being as there is no fence or benches, I don't know!
The play surface is cement, so I don't recommend the splash pad for crawlers.

The rest of the park is beautiful.  Lots of shade, play equipment, a pier for fishing, volleyball court, pavilions for picnics, indoor restroom, concessions (need small bills or exact change) and more.  One thing though, although they were not an issue on the splash pad, the fish flies were horrendous in the park.  They swarmed us as we walked to the play equipment.  Best avoid the shade, as that is where they like to hang out.

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  1. We just got home from Brandenburg Park and we had a great time! I'm happy to report that they now have a permanent fence that surrounds the splash pad which was great news for us (as I have 2 two year olds that tend to run in opposite directions). We found a nice dry grassy spot for our towels, stroller and gear. There are signs restricting food and drink from entering the splash zone but luckily we found a shaded pavilion near by where we were able to leave our cooler and dry clothes. My kiddos and their cousin also really enjoyed the two playscapes, swings and various playground equipment throughout the rest of the park. The bathrooms were clean and accessible, the lake was beautiful and the sun was shining. We couldn't have asked for a better family fun day park setting.