Jun 21, 2013

Dress Up Your Patio with a Gazebo Canopy

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Nothing says relaxation than a gazebo surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers. Having a gazebo nestled in between trees without neighbors and the sounds of traffic is a dream getaway. You have a place to enjoy warm summer days or nice breezy evenings. There are ways that you can dress up your gazebo and decorate it.

Decorating your gazebo will add character and personality to it. You can do small simple decorations or take it over the top to make your gazebo stand out and demand attention. Use your personality and style outdoors to your gazebo and create a private outdoor space that leaves your friends, family and guests breathless.

Simple additions for your gazebo:

You can add simple plants around your gazebo to add a simple design. You don’t need to have a green thumb. Simple plants like ivy, fern, aloe Vera and a palm tree are excellent choices for plants. They are easy to take care of. Don’t worry that they will take a lot of time to maintain as they don’t. They require some sunlight and plenty of water. Just simple plants can change the look of a boring gazebo. They bring the greenery inside and around your gazebo. You can hang a few of these plants around your gazebo and place a couple around the gazebo. This will add a simple decoration along with beauty.

There are so many types of candles on the market. You can choose candle that not only is pretty and decorative, but also puts off an appealing scent. The scents that candles have are almost amazing. You can choose the oceans breeze, hot apple pie, chocolate chip cookies and even the smell of rainy day. Selecting a candle starts with the color you are using in your gazebo area. Match the candles to your d├ęcor. The candle holders are decoration all by themselves. There are brass, glass, pillars and all types of candle holders and bases to choose from. Select the holder that can will make a statement. You can set the candles on the patio table and make a centerpiece with them. You can set the candles around the floor of the patio under your gazebo to create light and depth. You can hand a candle from the gazebo for added light in the evenings. You can also choose candles that have pest repellent in them so you don’t have to worry about bugs.
Who knew candles offered so much?

Throw pillows are an added addition to any gazebo. They bring a sense of comfort and home to any gazebo. Add a throw pillow to chairs and loungers. Mix and match the colors so you add personality to your gazebo. Everyone loves the look and feel that a throw pillow can bring to an outdoor space.
Top it off

Top off your decorating with your gazebo canopy. There are many canopies that you can choose from. You can choose from a modern look or just a simple look and design. You can add screening to your canopy to keep pets and children in and keep flies and bugs out. You can find all your canopy needs at www.lashop.com. The prices are unbeatable as well as the selection. No matter your style or preference, you can find exactly what you want there. Take your boring patio and dress it up.

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