Jul 8, 2013

Melissa and Doug Farm Puzzle - With Signs

Carlyn just got this Melissa and Doug Puzzle for her birthday.  I just wanted to share a few ideas I had for learning with this puzzle.  You can use these ideas with other similar puzzles.

Each time your child touches a piece name the animal.

Ask your child "Where is the cow?" "Where is the sheep?" "Where is the horse?"

Ask your child: "What does a sheep say?"  "What does a cow say?" "What does a horse say?"

Ask your child "What color is the____?"

Count the animals with your child.

Ask your child: Which animal is white?  Which has a bell?  Which animal says mooo? Make up your own questions.

Hide one of the animals and ask your child which one is missing.

Show your child how to place the pieces where they belong.

Teach your child the ASL signs for the words.

Here are the ASL sings for the animals in this puzzle:

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