Sep 9, 2013

What's New at the Zoo

The Detroit Zoo is a great place to visit any time of the year.  We are members and with the close proximity to our house, we are always visiting.  We recently dropped by once again to snap a couple of images of some new and upcoming attractions we wanted to share with you!!!

The Beaver Habitat is a brand new exhibit in the Cotton Family Wetlands.  Ward and June Beaver are now in their new habitat, but they are still a little shy.  You can find the new exhibit right across the the River Otters.  

The Cotton Family Wetlands also feature a 7,200-square-foot Boardwalk that is made from a 95-percent recycled wood-alternative decking material called Trex.  Trex is composed primarily of plastic grocery bags and reclaimed hardwood. The Boardwalk transverses a 1.7-acre pond and wetlands area.  Native fish, frogs, turtles and birds can all be found within and around the pond.  

While walking through the park, I noticed these new water fountains which make filling up your water bottle so easy!  Simply genius.  I love it!! 

The sidewalk path in front of the bears got a makeover!  This used to be a huge ramp that was impossible (or close to impossible) to walk with a stroller.  This area now features two FLAT paths at different levels and new landscaping.  

 The African Slender-Snouted Crocodile got a new home in the old hippo exhibit.  They look very content in their new home! 

Babies born this year:

  • Peachicks were born at the Zoo this spring!
  • The Detroit Zoo celebrated the birth of a macaroni penguin chick on May 25. 

  • Zuhura – Swahili for "morning star" – is the stellar name given to a female chimpanzee born in the early morning hours of August 10, 2013, at the Detroit Zoo's Great Apes of Harambee.
  • Male red panda twins, Gansu and Meriadoc, were born June 27, 2013 
  • A female southern pudu – the smallest species of deer – was born May 20, 2013.
  • Daphne and Violet – female warthogs born April 7, 2013.
  • For the first time, the Detroit Zoo's National Amphibian Conservation Center has red-eyed tree frog tadpoles on exhibit, providing a look at the species in various stages of metamorphosis.  A clutch of approximately 25 eggs was laid on January 30 and the tadpoles will soon begin to emerge as juveniles.

  • Akira (age 2) is no longer the baby
    New to the zoo: Simba, a 4-year-old male lion once owned by the royal family of Qatar.

    Coming back to the zoo this year is the Wild Lights. The Detroit Zoo will light up the night this holiday season with Wild Lights, a spectacular holiday light display.  For 24 nights, more than a million LED lights will illuminate trees, buildings and animal sculptures throughout the front of the Zoo.  

    Have you spotted something new at the zoo that I missed?  Please let me know!!  Leave a comment below.

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