Oct 22, 2013

Disney On Ice - 100 Years of Magic recap

Metro Detroit Mommy blogger: Robin Slawnyk
One (ok, me!) might think they're crazy for intentionally keeping their kids up past bedtime, let alone paying money to do so. This was the case for me as I curiously awaited what was going to be the amazement or disaster of Disney on Ice with my two toddlers, who are18 months and almost 3. I dressed them as Mickey and Minnie Mouse and headed out to The Palace of Auburn Hills on October 18th, 2013 for the 7:30pm showing of Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic. We of course generated excitement before hand and prepared them for the night of events. It is all we talked about for a week straight. My little girl searched the house for all of her Disney dolls and had them lined up, asking me which of them will be there. She also had complete confusion about what 'on ice' meant – so we did a little YouTube education before our venture. If you could have seen the look on my little ones' faces when the characters first filled the ice, you would likely understand why I would admit that I would be willing to miss bedtime once a month if it were an option, just to keep taking them to this show. (You would even understand more if you knew me, and how much I look forward to bedtime every night!) Their little eyes lit up with magical excitement as they were glued to the ice and responding with wows, oohs & ahhs! Disney really did a phenomenal job putting this show together. In the beginning, Goofy comes out with the Zamboni and gets the ice ready. It's a nice touch that they incorporated entertainment into the pre-show preparation. Then, before you know it, Minnie and Mickey came out to welcome us all to the castle and the show began. I was surprised that they were able to fit in as many of the characters as we were able to see. They all come dancing in to do their portion of the montage. It is beyond adorable to hear the excitement from all of the children (of all ages!) in the audience when they see familiar faces or their favorite characters. Girls and boys all over the Palace were singing along with songs, screeching out with excitement to see their favorite princess and simply staring in amazement as the show kept their attention. The skaters are true artists and amazing performers. It is not just entertainment for the children, but the adults as well. I found myself admiring their grace and abilities at multiple times during the show. Especially when the giant whale came out that was the size of 1/3 of the ice and probably took a great amount of teamwork to keep it moving. Very impressive. Bonus: Watching these Princesses skate and dance around makes it very easy to pass up on the sno-cones and cotton candy that you are tempted with during intermission! (But hey, for the kids- it's part of the experience, right?) Being there and watching was great for me in so many ways. It was delightful to watch my children light up in response to the show. They absolutely loved it. I was wondering if my 18 month old would be too young to enjoy it, but even though we had a little melt-down during intermission when there was nothing to watch, as soon as the show came back on – he was glued again. (Is it sad to know that the thought crossed my mind about how much cleaning and laundry I could have accomplished back home while these two were completely entertained for 2 hours?? All joking aside, I wouldn't have missed it for the world). It was also great as it brought back childhood memories of watching Disney Movies that my children have yet to experience, like Pinocchio, Lion King and Aladdin. This show was not just about the Princesses, it was truly a celebration of Disney and all of the characters that make them amazing. I scanned the room and saw children of all ages enjoying the performance. There was singing, dancing, laughing and sheer bliss radiating from the audience the entire time. It really was magical. If you have yet to experience this, I really encourage you to find an upcoming show and plan to go. You will not regret it. The cost and travel are well worth the unforgettable experience and memories. Even now, a week later as I write this, just this morning my daughter was ice skating around our living room on her slippers singing like Ariel. It's truly a priceless experience. If you saw the show this year, we would love to hear about your experience – so please share! Wishing you magic, Robin Slawnyk Metro Detroit Mommy Disclosure: Robin and one lucky fan received free tickets to this event courtesy of Olympia Entertainment in exchange for this promotional post. All thoughts and opinions shared that of the guest blogger. Your experience may differ. 

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