Nov 10, 2013

Alton Brown - recap

Guest Blogger: Gretchen Russell

As a mother, I quite frequently hear its important to have date night.  In my house, date night happens about twice a month, usually on a Saturday night, and its typically dinner and move.  But last Saturday night, we did something a little different.  We had what I would call a real grown up date, dinner with another couple and a show at The Fox!  We had the pleasure of seeing Alton Brown, someone who I have long admired on the Food Network.

We made it to the theater about 10 minutes before showtime, but with no kiddos in tow, we knew our stop at the will call would be quick.  Unfortunately, they did not have our tickets readily available, and we had to wait.  After a few minutes, the man called us back to the window, apologized for the mix up and we were on our way.  Be prepared, when you enter the lobby, security will want to take a look in your purse and you will be required to walk through a metal detector.  Once you make it through, take a moment to look around and enjoy the architecture! 

We picked up some Raisinettes and a few glasses of wine at the snack bar, and we were on our way in.  There is something to be said about being ushered to your seat, a level of service I'm no longer accustomed to. 

I wasn't really sure what to expect from the show itself.  Fans of Alton Brown know he has a unique and quirky sense of humor, was I going to see a comedy show?  Cooking?  I was pleased to see both, and even a few musical numbers as well.  (did you know Alton sings, plays guitar and the sax??)  I wasn't sure how a cooking demonstration would go over in such an old venue, and while the risk of fire is probably low, its still a risk.  The insightful Alton cleverly sidestepped that obstacle by showing us how to make ice cream.  In ten seconds.  With a pair of fire extinguishers!

Overall, I would give the show a B+.  Alton does a great job of interacting with the audience and even included 2 volunteers.  It was great to see him turn ordinary objects that you don't normally find in the kitchen into cooking devices.  It was just like watching an episode of Good Eats, only live!

Disclaimer: Metro Detroit Mommy received tickets to this event in exchange for this promotional post.

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