Nov 13, 2013

Language Bear - Bosley Build a Tree House: Review and Giveaway {ends 12/4/13}

 "Bosley Builds a Tree House" (available on is a cute dual language book about Bosley, a bear, and his friends and their adventures in building a tree house.  Each step in building the tree house is depicted with bright, colorful, fun images that teach the reader key words in English and a second language.  "Bosley Builds a Tree House" is available in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and for the first time, Portuguese.  We chose the Spanish version for use in this review.

There are four books available from The Adventures of Bosley The Language Bear Series:

I love the two page spread of this image with all of the animals and their names in both languages.  This would be great gift for any child (or classroom) that is learning a second language.

Here is another image with text on the second page.  See how the coordinating words are highlighted in green.  This makes it easier for the child (and parent) to decipher the language.

When you read the book with your child you can ask:
Where is the ____? (for younger children)
or ask in the second language:
Donde esta _____? (for older children)
What is this?  and point to an object or animal
Como se dice _____ en Ingles? (point to the object)
How do you say _____ in Spanish? (point to the object)

Overall I thought the book was a lot of fun and a great read in English.  The fact that it is a dual language book and designed so well is such a great bonus.  We will be reading this book often in our home.

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Now for the fun:)  One luck fan will receive copies of "Bosley Builds a Tree House" and "Bosley Sees the World".  Use the form below to enter for your chance to win.  

Metro Detroit Mommy and one luck fan will both receive copies of "Bosley Builds a Tree House" and "Bosley Sees the World" in exchange for this promotional post.

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