Nov 12, 2013

Top 5 Qualities of a Professional Nanny

Have you ever tried to find your own sitter or nanny? Finding a qualified, professional nanny can be quite a daunting task for many parents. Many parents don't know exactly what to look for in a nanny, which is why nanny agencies are so popular. Agencies make it easier to weed through the mediocre candidates, and bring you the fabulous ones. There are many qualities to look for in a nanny; reliability, education, responsibility, and discipline style to name a handful. Many of these attributes are hard to gauge from online profiles and emails exchanged back and forth. Agencies extensively interview, background and reference check,  as well as get to know each candidate on a personal level.
Top five qualities of a professional nanny according to Perfect Nanny Match:
1. A professional nanny is adjustable. Working with children on a daily basis means that life changes all the time. Nannies must be able to accommodate changing family schedules and have flexibility with situations that may arise.
2. A professional nanny is a self-starter. Nannies and sitters work alone most of the day. They need to be self motivated and work hard to do the best they can at all times without a boss looking over their shoulders.
3. A professional nanny is dependable. Families rely on a nannies' care so they can fulfill their own commitments. If a nanny does not show up for work, it puts the parents in a bind, which makes it difficult to find last minute childcare. 
4. A professional nanny has a clean background check. Nannies are in charge of helping raise morally sound, law abiding citizens and are responsible for being a good role model to their charges. The intimate nature of this career requires professional nannies to have a clear criminal history.
5. A professional nanny has a background in child development. Nannies are childcare specialists who are responsible for creating and implementing developmentally appropriate games and activities. Many professional nannies also have degrees and certifications in early childhood education, which aides in the developmental process.
This is only a sampling of qualities that your nanny or babysitter should have. Many families rarely have the time or ability to perform the necessary background and reference checks. Please consider allowing Perfect Nanny Match to do all the leg work for you and take the stress out of your search! Perfect Nanny Match visits your family for an interview and gets to know you, and your caretaker history. We provide the top candidates for your specific job, and allow you to make the final decision for your family. We also give a 60 day guarantee to make sure the match is perfect!
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