Dec 12, 2013

An Interview with SteveSongs

Guest Blogger: Carissa Knoles
As a fellow family friendly entertainer, I was absolutely thrilled to have the chance to do an interview with SteveSongs today!  You know Steve from live concerts around the country, his musical mornings on PBS, or you’ve heard his lively tunes on Sirius XM Kids Place Live.  Michigan is lucky to have SteveSongs rock the Canton Village Theater!  Steve says, “The show is going to be one big party!  It is a beautiful venue and I remember the people being so welcoming and kind.  I’m excited to perform in Michigan again.” 
Since I am embarking on my own musical career adventure, I had to ask Steve how he got started in family friendly rock and roll.  “My brother was a 1st grade teacher at the time,” Steve says.  “He asked me to write some songs for his class.  That was only 15 years ago.”   Steve made the transition from business consultant to Rockstar seem “easy peasy, lemon squeezy.”  I am inspired to continue the movement to bring live music to children and families.  “Live music is different than seeing a movie,” says Steve.  “There are lots of great movies with great content.  Live music is an experience all it’s own and I’m excited to share my favorite songs from all my albums with the crowd in Canton, MI this weekend.”   I was excited to hear that Steve’s current favorite tune to play is “The Song Without a Rhyme.”  The first time I heard it on Sirius XM Kids Place Live I immediately wanted to make everyone I know listen to it.  It is so cleverly written, crossing the boundaries of the standard nursery rhyme and challenging listeners to expand their vocabulary. 
See SteveSongs live this Saturday Dec. 14th, 2013 (tickets available online) as he rocks out the Candy Canes and Kiddy Rock Fundraiser held at the Canton Village Theater on Cherry Hill. Steve travels all the way from the East Coast to share his gift of live family friendly music. Portions of Saturday night’s ticket sales fund a free concert for families facing hardships this holiday season, give the gift of music by buying tickets for your whole family. I hear Steve will invite some friends on stage to dance and sing along.  This is a show your family cannot miss!

Please visit the link below for a free download from SteveSongs’s new album Orangutan Van!

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