Dec 6, 2013

"The Formation of Motherhood" - images and stories from Metro-Detroit area mothers

The experience of motherhood is uttered in many ways but for photographer Christina Boyd it is captured through her lens from her home studio in Southfield with her little toddler running around catching smiles from the mother models and their children.

"The Formation of Motherhood" project is about capturing the physical and emotional changes that come along with motherhood.
Both before and after giving birth women experience many physical and emotional changes. This project is an attempt to capture that cascade of change in a woman’s life. In this portfolio participants share these intimate moments with us visually, along with what becoming a mother has meant to them in their own words.

Project coordinator and mother Lisa Ball to a now 2.5 year old, also participated in the project as a model and feels passionate about the project because of her own struggles as a new mom dealing with postpartum depression, body self-esteem, and the stress of going back to work with a new baby at home. Through the support of her husband, new found friendships with peers, and collaborating with Christina she has found peace inside and out!

The two moms hope to recruit more models and showcase the work at area art centers and nonprofit organizations.

"Our goal is to publish a book of all our models stories and images celebrating family and motherhood!" ~ Lisa Ball Project Coordinator

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