Jan 8, 2014

Goods “Tshirt Bakery” in Midtown expands their Lil’ Goods, adds Cloth Diapers

By Karry Brook

Detroit, MI – Goods “Tshirt Bakery” and Gifts, located inside The Park Shelton
building in Midtown Detroit announces that it will expand their popular baby and kids
tshirts and onesies to include more gift items and cloth diapers. Lil’ Goods will be a
“division” of Goods and located inside the shop. They will offer a one-stop-shop for
baby gifts and toddler trinkets. From teethers and rattles, to natural baby creams and
cloth diapers.

Owner, Karry Brook is excited to bring a selection of cloth diapers into her shop and
into Detroit. As a mom of an infant in cloth diapers, she sees the value that they
could offer to the number of families now in the Midtown area, and a place to shop
for them versus online. Goods currently sells quite a few baby items to customers in
a pinch, and on there way to a baby shower or birthday party. Goods will now be
able to offer them a wider variety of products. They plan to hold cloth-diapering
groups to those who would like to learn more about the modern selection.
Lil’ Goods will begin rolling out new products starting the third week in January.
About Goods Tshirt Bakery

Popular “Detroit Baby” onesies and tshirts, have been around since before Goods
opened shop three years ago. Goods specializes in their own line of Detroit and
Michigan themed tshirts, totes and kids tshirts. Stop into Goods and have a single
custom tshirt or onesie made up for you, or they will also print large quantities for
groups and businesses. You can also pick up various gift items, cards, and paper
gifts, many made by local artists.

For more information contact:
Karry Brook, Owner
15 E Kirby, Ste 108
Detroit, MI 48202
313-703-7754 shop

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