Feb 20, 2014

Michigan Science Center - Wish Upon a Butterfly {live exhibit}

Wish Upon a Butterfly is one of the Traveling Exhibitors at the Michigan Science Center (formerly the Detroit Science Center). This exhibit gives participants the opportunity to examine live butterflies up close, learn about the butterfly's life cycle, dissect a flower and more.  Wish Upon a Butterfly will be on exhibit until June 1, 2014.  

Admission to the exhibit is just $3/person +general admission.  You will be assigned a time to start your tour. After watching a brief movie, guests are directed to the first area where there are a lot of learning materials and a butterfly display.

Just beyond that is the butterfly pavilion.  We saw about 10 butterflies during our visit.  They were all Painted Ladies.  The really neat thing about this exhibit is that they put nectar on your finger to attract the butterflies and holding them is not discouraged (though were were instructed not to touch their wings).  Rosa and Carlyn both thought they were really neat.

There is a time limit of fifteen minutes with the butterflies, which goes by really quickly, so I suggest you do that first and go back to the learning if time allows.  Rosa enjoyed making a craft that demonstrated the life cycle of a butterfly using rice and noodles.

Overall it was a fun experience and well worth it if you you are planning on visiting the Michigan Science Center.

You can see more images of our experience in our photo gallery on Facebook.

Disclaimer: Metro Detroit Mommy received free admission to the Michigan Science Center and the Wish Upon a Butterfly exhibit in exchange for this promotional post.  All opinions expressed are genuine and my own.

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