Mar 4, 2014

Monster Jam Review

Guest Blogger: Brandy M.

On Saturday, March 1st, my girls and I had the opportunity to attend Monster Jam.  We are HUGE fans of Monster Jam and loved every minute of it!  This time we arrived early for the pit party - what a blast.  All of the trucks were set up in the arena and you could get an up close look at the trucks and get autographs from the drivers.  They had tents where you could get tattoos, design your own banner, and even sit inside Grave Digger for a picture!  The pit party was busy, but the lines were reasonable.  After the pit party, most of the attendees walked to Greektown and grabbed some dinner, ourselves included.

The show started at 7 and the first hour was racing.  It gets a little intense towards the end and everyone is always eager to see who takes home the trophy - and Grave Digger Legend had the win on Saturday!  For those who don’t know, Grave Digger Legend is driven by the son of Dennis Anderson, the original Grave Digger driver (who was also there driving the original Grave Digger).  It was really awesome to see father and son racing on the dirt.  Also, the one really neat thing about Monster Jam is that the drivers give a ton of goodies out to the crowd and every time a truck needs to be towed, they bring out the T-shirt cannon!

Around 8, freestyle began - and that’s what everyone was waiting for.  Freestyle is full of flips and jumps and donuts and a lot of things breaking.  People were out of their seats at some of the air these trucks caught on Saturday!  To make things even better, Grave Digger Legend also won the freestyle trophy, which gave him the Double Down (win both freestyle and racing in one event).

If things weren't already fun enough, “Doom’s Day is coming” kept flashing on the screen throughout the show.  There were a lot of questions about it and a lot of theories as to what it meant.  Well, the crowd was about to find out after the Double Down trophy was awarded when the lights in the arena dimmed and sirens came on (my teenager got scared, she thought there was a fire!) and out raced a black truck.  It was mysterious, you couldn't see anything inside it, and it did a few loops around the track and was then covered up with a tarp and the driver taken away without anyone seeing him/her.  Very secretive!  So, while we know that Doom’s Day is definitely a new Monster truck, we know very little about it.  Maybe the next Monster Jam will reveal the secret! 

All in all, my family had a wonderful time.  Monster Jam is always a delight and an evening with lots of excitement and a fun crowd.  Thanks so much to Metro Detroit Mommy for the opportunity to review!

Disclosure: Metro Detroit Mommy and one lucky fan received tickets to attend this show in exchange for this promotional post.  All thoughts and opinions shared are my those of our guest blogger. Your experience may differ.

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