Mar 20, 2014

Supercross - recap

Guest Blogger: Brandy M
Thanks to Metro Detroit Mommy, my three daughters and I had a chance to check out Supercross on Saturday, March 15th.  Going to Supercross was a new experience to us, as we’ve never been to anything like that before and it was an amazing opportunity for a girls night out.  When we first arrived I was surprised to see how full Ford Field was.  It was a packed house!
The first thing that we noticed was that the entire floor of Ford Field was covered in hills and bumps and turns - they even closed off an entire section of seating and turned it into a hill with a sharp turn.  It was a sight to see.
If you haven’t been to Supercross, you’d be shocked to see how high the bikes go right in front of your eyes.  The hills seemed low but the bikes went insanely high.  We spent a lot of the evening hoping that nobody got hurt (nobody did!).  The kids were oohing and ahhing at the sharp turns, steep hill and the collisions between the bikers!  The fans were LOVING the action and the end of
the show had some flames involved and that was pretty cool.

If you like NASCAR, you’d enjoy supercross.  There were a lot of qualifying races, semi finals, and finals - to eventually crown the winner of the night.  There were also a lot of nail biting turns and bumps and a few moments where you didn’t know who the winner would be.  Definitely a neat experience. 

After Supercross, we took a short walk to Greektown and enjoyed pizza with the rest of the crowd, you have to love the location of Ford Field.  It was a really fun night and we were really happy to be able to spend the time together and see some racing!  Thank YOU Metro Detroit Mommy!
Disclaimer: Metro Detroit Mommy and one lucky fan will received free tickets to this event courtesy of Feld Entertainment in exchange for this promotional post. All thoughts and opinions shared that of the guest blogger. Your experience may differ.

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