Apr 18, 2014

Disneynature’s BEARS opens today in theatres everywhere!!!

Guest Blogger: Robin Slawnyk

I recently had the awesome pleasure of previewing Disney Bears at the Emagine Theater in Novi.  I took my 6 year old Daughter, Hannah, along with me.  

I don't know where to begin describing how incredible and captivating the movie was.  It was beautiful, full of crisp up-close bear encounters, bright and vibrant colors and interesting narration.  We felt like we were actually there!  The tiny bear cubs are so cute and full of so much personality.  They were entertaining and amazing!

The movie begins with the birth of the bear cubs and shows their first year of life and all of the adventures and hardships that they endured.  (Not to mention all of the silly shenanigans from little cub 'Scout').  It is absolutely a learning experience but the kids won't even know it!  Kids and adults alike were full of joy and laughter as the movie played on.  I very much enjoyed watching the resemblance between the bear families and human families.  I can say for sure that the next time someone calls me a Mama Bear, I will proudly own it :)  

The girly girl in me had to cover my eyes when the bears were hunting for and eating Salmon because it got graphic at times - but the kids didn't seem to mind!  Other than that part, I loved the movie and can't wait to take my other kids to see it. 

We can't wait to hear how much you loved this film!  Be sure to check back in with us after you embark on this wild adventure with your family!

Robin Slawnyk
Metro Detroit Mommy 


Metro Detroit Mommy was invited to attend a preview showing of Disneynature's Bears in exchange for this promotional post.

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