Jun 10, 2014

Disney's Planes - Fire and Rescue Activities Galore

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Gearing up for their latest movie in the Planes Series, Disney has released a ton of great materials for you and your child to print and enjoy, including travel bingo, camping ideas, a mobile and more. 

Here are a few great activity ideas (courtesy of my other website: 123child.com) that you can do with your child at home to get ready for upcoming release of Disney's Planes: Fire and Rescue.

Firefighter Visit
Visit a local fire station.  Most local fire stations will conduct a tour for you, call ahead to inquire about your local station.

Ladder Fun
Lie a ladder flat on the floor. As you hold the ladder have one child at a time walk between the rungs without touching the ladder.
Then had them try walking on the rungs while holding your hand.

Ladder Bean Bags
Tip a ladder on its side so the side is on the ground and the other long side is leaning against a wall or propped up by something sturdy and have the children throw bean bags through the rung holes.

Sing Hurry, Hurry, Drive The Firetruck 
Featured on Barney's Greatest Hits Vol. 1 By Barney
Hurry, hurry, drive the fire truck
Hurry, hurry, drive the fire truck
Hurry, hurry, drive the fire truck
Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!

Hurry, hurry, climb the ladder
Hurry, hurry, climb the ladder
Hurry, hurry, climb the ladder
Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!

Hurry, hurry, squirt the water
Hurry, hurry, squirt the water
Hurry, hurry, squirt the water
Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!

Fire Paintings
You will need: watered down non-toxic paint, paper, pipettes and straws. Supply each child with a straw and a piece of paper. Allow the children to use the pipette (or medicine dropper NOT GLASS) to place a small amount of orange, yellow and red paint onto a piece of paper. They may use as many colors as they wish. Then, have them use the straw to blow the paint around their picture.

Red and Yellow Shaving Cream Art
Add a few drops of red or yellow paint to shaving cream. Have the children use this to paint with. Not mixing the paint in will give it a special look.

Fire Truck
Make a fire truck from a cardboard box. Paint it red and draw on some lights or a ladder.

Fire Drill
Talk about fire safety and go over your plan in case of a fire.  What exit should your child use first?  What if that exit is blocked?  Where will you meet? Practice your fire drill.

Smoke Crawl
Explain to the children that if there is a lot of smoke that they should crawl instead of walk. Have the children practice crawling.

Fire Truck Tire Prints
In a pie tin, place 3 to 5 teaspoon sized portions of different colored tempera paint evenly spaced about the area. Supply the children with washable toy fire trucks that have wheels that roll. Have the children dip the wheels in the paint and roll across the paper.


Find more fun Fire Fighter ideas on 123child.com.

Disney’s PLANES FIRE AND RESCUE flies into theaters everywhere on July 18th!

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