Jul 14, 2014

27 Ideas for Fun Things to Do This Summer

Guest Blogger: Chrstin Morgan

Has the time come yet where your kids or family are driving you nuts and you JUST NEED to get out of the house?  As a peruse Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, I am seeing little inklings of this phenomenon.  It happens every year after the novelty of being out of school wears off and we are left with the day in and day out of “each other!”  People starting getting on each other nerves or there is just too much energy being built up!  It got me thinking about some ideas for fun things to do this summer!

Fortunately, there are a LOT of ideas out there for fun things to do to keep the little ones occupied.  And honestly, when I created this list…I sort of had myself in mind.  Because let’s face it.  Adults end up doing what the kids do (most of the time).  So I tried to come up with some things I think would be fun for use older folks as well.  Because…I’m not gonna lie.

I love water balloons.
And I love ice cream.
And I also like to burn off those calories before they hit my hips.

In any case – enjoy this free printable.  Pin it (place the mouse over to do that), share it, print and tack it up on the fridge.  Get the family involved.  Kids so crazy about being able to check things off.  Make the list completion into a goal.

Before you go – PLEASE!  Comment below with a few other ideas.  I’m sure you’ve got some killer, easy ideas yourself!  I always love to hear what my readers have to say!


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Metro Detroit Mommy Writer:


  1. Free movies - Rochester and Ann Arbor and others do free movie nights (outside) during the summer :).

  2. I was going to suggest the same thing, many local cities have their own movies in the park or camping in the park to get the families in their city together.

  3. Go to the drive-in! My husband and I love going to the old one on Ford Rd. I remember we used to go to the drive-in in the summer when we were kids.

  4. How about the nature center? I like to visit friends and family as well during the summer that we don't get to see very often during busy school weeks.