Aug 30, 2014

Bottle Bright Review

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger: Jennifer Wooley -  founder of Any Age Fitness

I have a very active family of six.  We are constantly on the go and grabbing water bottles for sporting events, coffee mugs for work days or early morning games and shaker cups for after workout protein drinks.  These beverage containers are sometimes difficult to clean, especially when they have been forgotten in the back seat of the family car or bottom of a gym bag.  They also take up precious space in the dishwasher and are my least favorite things to hand wash.  I was given a sample of a new product called Bottle Bright that states "Cleans drinking containers safely and easily" and tried it out on our numerous beverage containers.

Bottle Bright's purpose is to promote reusable drinking containers.  I like that with each purchase of the product, the company Clean Ethics give the same amount of Bottle Bright to people in need of clean water containers.   This product is formula certified safe, natural and sustainable.  It's chlorine free and has no harsh chemicals.  It is an effervescent tablet that you place in your drinking container and mix with water.   So after reading all the literature about it I just wanted to know, will this really get my bottles clean?

I gathered my water bottles and coffee mugs and sippy cups and put it to the test.  I followed the instructions and put the tablet in the containers and filled it with warm water.  I disconnected the valves from the sippy's and the straws from the camel backs and placed them in the bottles to soak.  After five minutes the tablet is dissolved and you're instructed to mix the solution by shaking the container.  Once you shake, the directions then state let stand another fifteen minutes.  Once the fifteen minutes are up you discard the solution and rinse clean.

I was amazed with the results.  The long standing coffee smell and stains were removed from the coffee mugs, the sippy cup valves were spotless.  I didn't notice any smell associated with the solvent or any taste after we refilled with water.  The Bottle Bright tab seemed like an excellent solution for hard to clean drinking containers.   The only downside I see to this product is that it cannot be used if you are in a hurry.  It takes at least fifteen minutes for it to be clean.  With all the extra containers I have though this wouldn't be a problem for me.   I plan on taking Bottle Bright on road trips when I don't have the capacity to wash them out, to take camping and  to bring to sporting events.  My husband is already planning on keeping some at work so he can clean his travel coffee mug each day.

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Jennifer (Jenny) is the founder of Any Age Fitness. She's an Independent Beachbody Coach, nurse, wife, and mom of 4. Jenny is passionate about health, nutrition and exercise and helping others achieve their fitness goals regardless of how old they are or how old they might feel. In her spare time she enjoys reading.

Jennifer received free samples of this product in exchange for this promotional post.  All opinions are her own.  Your experience may differ. 

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