Aug 4, 2014

Check out these 5 new menu items at Giulio & Sons @AdobaDearborn #GRTEats

I was so thrilled to be invited once again to visit the long-standing local favorite, Giolio & Sons Restaurant in the Adoba Dearborn Hotel.  They invited myself along with a few other mom bloggers to try out their new menu items created by Head Chef, Gabriel Vera and newly hired sous chef, Chef Byron Payne Mills.

From left to right: Gwen from Finding Sanity in Our Crazy Life, Amber from Metro Detroit Mommy (that's me),
Chef Payne,  Chef Vera Stephanie from Mom Among Chaos, Alysia from Michigal
Giulio & Sons Restaurant is located in the Adoba Hotel in Dearborn, on the second floor.  This stunning hotel is located at 600 Town Center Drive in Dearborn (near the Fairlane Shopping Center). 

The Adoba Hotel features the architectural style of Charles Luckman, is environmentally friendly and overlooks the Ford World Headquarters and the Henry Ford Museum.  

During our visit we were served The following courses: 

Amuse -Walleye Galantine with wild mushrooms and carrot reduction

The amuze course (a taste of what's to come) was the Walleye Galantine with wild mushrooms and carrot reduction.  A galantine is a French dish made with de-boned stuffed meat, most commonly poultry or fish (walleye in this case), which is poached, served cold and coated with aspic. I really enjoy fish, and this was a great dish to start the evening

1st course - Miniature Giulios burger with bacon onion marmalade, chimichurri sauce, blue cheese and micro arugula on toasted brioche

This burgers was so tasty.  My only wish was they were a bit bigger, but with so much great food to try this evening it was a good thing they were small.  I loved the chimichurri sauce.  The chef did a great job of blending flavors to create a masterpiece full of flavor.

2nd course - Pan seared trout with truffle risotto and green onion pesto

I have a secret, I am a carb lover.  I love bread and rice, and the rissoto paired with the pan seared trout was my second favorite course of the evening.  The rissoto was cooked perfectly and the trout was cooked to perfection.

3rd course - Home-made ravioli with Brandi cream tarragon sauce chili oil and micro shisho

My favorite course, hands down!   I love that everything served is made in house, down to the pasta.  This ravioli was spectacular. The Brandi cream tarragon sauce and peas topped the pasta creating a savory and delicious combination.

4th course - Parmigiano chicken bianco with home-made linguini, double cream sauce and pistachio pesto

This home made linguini, which is hand cut in house, is the base of this new customer favorite. It is topped with a scrumptious double cream sauce  and mouthwatering breaded chicken.   It is great with the house garlic bread.

Dessert - The dessert bar a Giolio & Sons is amazing and selections very from day to day.  Offerings include pies, cakes, pudding, pastries and more.  Some of the desserts we tried include chocolate cake, bread pudding, mini chocolate eclairs, cream puffs, apple strudel bars and cannoli.  Everything we tried was amazing!

A visit to Giulio & Sons is a real treat.  The relaxed atmosphere, great food and excellent service make this one of my top choices for a quiet night out.

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Finding Sanity in Our Crazy Life

I was invited to enjoy dinner at Giulio & Sons Restaurant in exchange for this promotional post.  All opinions are my own.  Your experience may differ.

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