Aug 1, 2014

Soaking Up the Sun {Carefully}

Guest Blogger: Ashley Rogoff from Regal Pediatrics

We all love the summer sun. The feeling of the warm rays hitting our skin is just as enjoyable as sipping lemonade by the pool. Exposing yourself to the sun too much can bring many risks though.  Sunscreen and shade is an when you’re enjoying the outdoors.

The suns rays cause the damage to your skin. There are three types of rays: UVC, UVA, and UVB. The rays you need to worry about are the UVA and the UVB. These are the only ones that actually reach us. The worst part of the day is between 10AM-4PM. Try to put on extra sunscreen during this time.

Something to remember: all kids to should wear sunscreen. If your kid is prone to tanning and not burning they should still wear it because tanning it’s still a form of skin damage. Experts recommend that sunscreen be applied 20-30 minutes before your kids go outside so the lotion can really soak in. Don’t forget to reapply the sunscreen every two hours or after they swim. It’s always safer to reapply even if the lotion is sweat or water-resistant.

Picking out the right sunscreen can be overwhelming looking at the shelves of sunscreen in you local store, if your child is under 6 months they should not have sunscreen put on them. They should be kept in the shade and covered from the rays.
Just a heads up, getting the right one for your kids is fairly easy. Go for an SPF of 30 or more.

Not only can sunscreen decrease your skin damage from the sun, but so can clothing. Clothing will block out the sunrays as long as it’s not see through. Normally you can push your hand against the fabric to make sure the material is thick enough. SwimZip {affilliate link} bathing suits are one brand that are UPF 50+. Also, hats and umbrellas do a wonderful job for the beach or the park.

Enjoy the sun and soak up those rays, but do it carefully!

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