Aug 17, 2014

The Girls' Frozen Birthday Party

What's a birthday party without a fantastic cake.   The cake on the left is the cake we got from Tasty Memories.  We really liked the cake on the right (also Tasty Memories) which is what prompted us to order the cake from them.  The cake was good and everyone enjoyed it.  I loved the use of the sugar candy, which added a great icy touch.  

I had so many great ideas from Pinterest.  You can see our Frozen theme Pins here:

{Speaking of Pinterest... do you like any of these image?  Is so, please pin them, just click the red Pinterest button on any of the images or on the side of the page.}

Here are just a few of the treats and decorations we had for the party:

Hans's Frozen Hearts - fresh strawberries.

In the fondue pot is white chocolate, "I want to stuff some chocolate in my face." 
We had a ton of stuff to dip in the chocolate, pretzels, strawberries, marshmallows, vanilla wafers and more.  That blue dip is Lemonade Fruit Dip Mix from Tastefully Simple mixed with a bit of blue food coloring.. I
think one of the kids got too much and put the extra on the side of the bowl. Need a consultant? Please check out Gourmet Goodies - Tastefully Simple Ind Consultant Michelle Meldrum.

I made this dessert... YUM for a few of my gluten free friends (I will share the recipe this week!!!)
Blueberry Shortcake - Gluten FREE.

I also served blue-raspberry koolaid, make your own "We finish each other's... sandwiches" and Kristoff's Swedish Meatballs.  (I totally failed at taking pictures this year because I was having so much fun.)

Here are a few from pinterest:

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

And we tried this game with blue pool noodles and blue balloons. COMPLETE FAILURE! As the balloons all popped on the freshly cut grass.

Photo credit:
The decorations were a bit more of a success:

Please forgive the horrible photography of my phone... here are the girls celebrating 2 and 5 wearing their Anna and Elsa costumes made by my Mother in Law: 

Are you planning an upcoming birthday?  What is the theme?  I would love to read about your super birthday party ideas, please leave a comment below!  

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  1. Awesome are a few things we did for my daughter's frozen party:

    1. I pinned your cake and a few others from that folder. TFS