Sep 25, 2014

FlipBelt Review

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger Gwendolyn Mulholland - Finding Sanity In Our Crazy Life 

** I received the FlipBelt for free to review. However, all opinions are 100% my own**

The one thing that runners, walkers and die hard exercise fans often complain about is the need to carry all their important items without feeling like they are weighed down by a cumbersome pack. Something fashionable is also important because no one wants to be wearing something that resembles a modern day fanny pack. This is where the makers of the FlipBelt come in. They have created a one of a kind way to carry your essentials without all the bulk.

So what is the FlipBelt? The FlipBelt is a simple Tube shaped Waistband that holds your items in place while you work out. It has four slots, so you can easily insert things like a phone, keys, ID cards, and money. When you flip the band up (so the slots are facing your body) the items are locked securely inside. Worried your keys might slide around while you are running? Hook them to the attached clip and keep them in place.

See how easy it is to use the FlipBelt in the video below.

Does the FlipBelt Work? After using the FlipBelt several times while running, I can say this is one item I will be adding to my workout gear. The FlipBelt is super comfortable to wear and fits very true to size. The width of the FlipBelt is great for holding phones but if you have a case on your phone you will need to take it off or put it in a Ziploc baggie. It stays in place when working out and when running so there was no worry about it riding up or sliding down.

Are There Other Uses for the FlipBelt? Even though the FlipBelt was designed for those working out or being active, I find that this is the perfect way to carry my identification and money when I am going places that I do not want to cart my purse around. It is very discreet under clothes as it lies flat and would be perfect for trips to the zoo, the mall for Christmas shopping, trips to the park with kids, grocery shopping, or any time you wanted your hands free.

The FlipBelt is available in multiple colors from Hot Pink and Nuclear Yellow to Jet Black and sells for only $28.99. 

Learn more about FlipBelt and purchase your own online here --->> The FlipBelt 

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