Sep 17, 2014


Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger: Carmen Lawes - Frugal Fads

Carmen received free samples of this product in exchange for this promotional posts. All opinions are her own. Your experience may vary.

My parents have a pontoon boat in Northern Michigan. You can find them out on their boat any day in the spring, summer, or fall if the weather is above 75 degrees and sunny. I’m sure you can imagine the freezing water temperature especially in the spring. It can be completely intimidating when you have to urinate and you are stuck out at sea without a bathroom. Therefore, when I saw these “TravelJohns”, I jumped at the chance to try them out. I imagined wrapping a towel around myself and using this instead of jumping in the frigid water every time I have to “go”. See more gear reviews here.

The company advertises these as being “THE Civilized Solution. Anytime, anywhere!” They sent me three types of TravelJohns, the original for all, one made specifically for women (TravelJane J) and a “TravelJohn Jr.” edition. I can’t tell the difference between the original TravelJohn and the TravelJane except the color (the TravelJane is pink and the TravelJohn is white). However, the TravelJohn Jr. is shorter and therefore has a smaller capacity (600 cc compared to 800 cc). They are about the size of a Twinkie, rolled up which makes them easy to take places. I see myself throwing them in my beach bag before heading out on the boat. I also see myself keeping some in the car for my toddler son when he begins potty training. I could easily store these in my purse as well. The portability of this product is its best feature in my opinion.

The cool part about them is that they have a “Liqsorb” super absorbent pouch in the puncture-
resistant bag which turns the liquid into a gel immediately so that there are no spills or leaks. This is some sort of polymer that is biodegradable and nontoxic. This earns the company the “originality” award.

I have two critiques of the product: 1) The bag needs to be sealable and 2) I’m plastic-phobic lately, meaning, I don’t like the plastic waste part of it. However, I do see my family using these in a pinch while out on the boat or traveling. We also have one bathroom at home…maybe they would be helpful when our bathroom is occupied?

About Travel John- from the company:
TravelJohn is a safe and hygienic solution to when your kids “have to go” but there isn’t a restroom for miles. Their TravelJohn JR is biodegradable spill proof pouch that is easy to use and non-toxic. It’s a very innovative product that works!!

You can purchase TravelJohn from these local retailers: 
Pep Boys

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Carmen is a high school chemistry teacher, wife and mother of a toddler boy. She enjoys fashion, homemaking, sewing and crafts. Carmen runs a new lifestyle blog titled "Frugal Fads" that focuses on fashionable finds with a teachers budget while also documenting her crafts and homemaking projects. She has a classic style and enjoys personal shopping. She also has a relatively new Etsy site in which she designs and makes organizational buttons/magnets, titled "ButtOn Another Note".


  1. Gross but sometimes a must have. We gave a boat some kind of a good idea.

  2. Odd. That's all I have to say. I'm also amused by the name. I keep thinking of the end to MEN IN TIGHTS, the Mel Brooks film. *grin*

  3. Very very interesting. But I can see why it would be useful when needed.

  4. I can definitely see the need for this for boaters, hunters, etc. I like that it's non-toxic and biodegradable!

  5. I HATE peeing in the water, I think it is so gross, so I would be more apt to use something like this.