Oct 11, 2014

END OF NORMAL by SC Arscott - #blogtour Annoucement @Barclay_PR

I am so thrilled to be a part of the End of Normal Blog Tour. Author Susan Arscott is guest posting on blogs all over (see the schedule below) and has a great article lined up for Metro Detroit Mommy fans about encouraging young readers.

But for now here is an: 

Excerpt 7 from END OF NORMAL by SC Arscott
Olivia and Sawyer
Anxious to get inside the locker while keeping my fingers intact, I swirled the combination and pushed up the latch. Still nothing. No reassuring click of the lock or squeak of the door. This had happened before, and the quickest method to get it open was a sharp kick right below the lock.
After checking to make sure no adults lurked in the hall, I struck the door’s sweet spot with my foot. It didn’t budge.
“Why won’t you open?” I pleaded, careful to keep my voice quiet, so no one would hear me talking to my locker and think I was crazy or pitiful or both.
Determined to get my books before the final bell rang for first period, I angled sideways, ready to release one of my super strong soccer moves, when a delicious smelling hand brushed past my shoulder and thumped my locker with an expert whack.
My nose knew that enticing mix of citrus and ocean breezes—Sawyer Rising. Cheeks flaming, palms sweating, I turned, and there he stood, dazzling as ever.“I had this locker last year. It always sticks in October. It must be haunted.” Smoldering blue eyes shone through shaggy dark hair. His lips curved into his killer crooked smile.
Despite my best efforts not to sigh, one managed to escape. I leaned against the wall to keep myself from passing out from the sheer ecstasy of him noticing me. Way to go, sweater. You were worth every penny.
I attempted a casual smile and said in a relatively normal sounding voice, “Thanks. Good to know.”
His gaze flicked across my face then stopped as if suddenly overwhelmed by my great beauty, which was impossible. I mean I’m not a beast or anything, but I’m no supermodel either. I’m average. Average height, average weight, average face. Not one physical detail about me would stop him in his tracks except for my eyes. All my life, or at least as long as I could remember, people complimented me on my eyes. A guy last year called their unusual shade of blue-green spectacular.
With luck, they were hypnotizing him. I decided to go with that, opening my eyes wide so he could get their full effect, silently cursing myself for not wearing eye makeup. Fighting the urge to blink, I managed a confident, “Is something wrong?”“No.” He tilted his head slightly as if shaking away an unwanted image. After giving me a blinding smile, revealing perfect teeth, he backed away, leaving me to collect myself while he strolled down the hall.
As the bell rang, I leaned against the locker, amazed at the perfectness of the day. Even hearing the dreaded click of my locker shutting didn’t mar my bliss. The world wouldn’t end if I went bookless to class this one time.

Sometimes what you think is normal, is anything but.

Told in the vein of Susan Pfeiffer’s LIFE AS WE KNOW IT and Courtney Summers’ THIS IS NOT A TEST, this new YA novel will appeal to fans of Sci-Fi both young and old. END OF NORMAL is now available at Amazon and Champagne Books. Get to know more about Susan in this exclusive letter to readers...

End of Normal

16-year-old Olivia Richards’ last day of normal is simply that, normal. She spends her entire pre-school morning dressing to impress gorgeous guy Sawyer Rising, the hottest guy in high school. She argues with her mother about her skinny jeans being too tight, which Olivia considers ridiculous because isn’t that the point of skinny jeans? Sometimes her mother makes no sense. Olivia’s normal world also includes her gentle astrophysicist father and her twin brother Charlie, who is deaf. Despite proclaiming that his deafness is no big deal, deep inside Olivia feels it is a big deal and that it’s her duty to protect him.

Olivia’s normal ends that night when strange lights shoot out of the sky and turn into stinging drones, killing their parents, or at least they think their parents die, but do they? Forced to flee, the twins join forces with friends Axel, Clara, and Sawyer, to search for answers to the strange invasion. Discovering a conspiracy to hide the location of a second earth, they search for a way to stop the destruction of their world.

SC Arscott

Susan worked as a high school teacher until she thought her head would explode from all the ideas and questions her students asked. Thinking it would be easier; she foolishly switched from teaching to the ridiculous job of professional fundraiser. After spending more years than she wants to admit begging strangers for money, she gathered what pride she had left and enrolled in Spalding University’s MFA program where she became blissfully happy working with other writers and improving her writing. She currently lives and writes in Seabrook, Texas with her husband Mike, Vlad the cat, and their deaf dog Chester.

My first YA novel, END OF NORMAL, will be available October 6, 2014 by Champagne Books and can be purchased through any online bookstore. I am in the process of developing a new, and much better website, but until it’s ready, you can check out my current, rather pitiful site. It has my bi-weekly blog and books I’m working on. My new site will be much better, so bookmark my web address and check back in a few weeks.

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