Oct 29, 2014

Super Science Experiment with #BigHero6 #MeetBayMax #BayMaxScience

This is a super fun experiment you can try at home with your little ones.

You can modify it by connecting the other end of the string to another solid object.

You could have a race.

You could measure the distance the balloon travels when the balloon is filled up all the way. Then have the child(ren) estimate how far it will go when it is filled a little.

Which will travel farther a big or small balloon?
Which travels faster? A smaller or bigger balloon?

Some other great experiments/games with balloons:

Balloon Power
Materials needed:
20 to 30 small balloons
A Large garbage bag
Fully inflate a small balloon. Ask your child what will happen if he/she sits on it. Let your child try it. If it doesn't pop have your child jump on the balloon to pop it. Inflate enough of the small balloons to fill the garbage bag. Seal the bag and have your child sit or even jump on the bag. You may want try Jet Balloons and Singing Balloons (listed below) while inflating the balloons for this activity.

Jet Balloons
Inflate a balloon. Ask your child, "What will happen if I let go?" Let go!!!

Singing Balloons
Inflate a balloon. Stretch the neck of the balloon so the air escapes slowly causing the balloon to "sing" or vibrate.

Balloon tap
Count how many times you and your child can tap a balloon before it touches the ground. If you have a stopwatch, time yourselves to see how long you can keep the balloon in the air.

Static Balloons
Learn about static electricity by rubbing a balloons on a child's head, then stick it onto the wall. Children think this is the best game, because they can do it themselves too.

Square Balloons
Fill a balloon half full with water. Place the balloon in a square container, then place in the freezer. When frozen take out of the freezer. Show the children what you have done. Ask them what will happen when the ice melts. Find out.

Confetti Balloons:
For older children only.. with close adult supervision!!!! Fill a balloon for each child with some confetti and blow it up. Allow each child to pop a balloon! BANG!!!!

Fill it UP
Ask the children, compared to an empty balloon, will a balloon weight more, less or the same when it is filled with air?
Try it out and see what happens.

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