Oct 31, 2014

RejuvaWear Compression Leggings Review and Giveaway ends 11/21 @RejuvaHealth

Metro Detroit Mommy blogger: Gwendolyn Mulholland - Finding Sanity In Our Crazy Life

Gwen received free product in exchange for this promotional post.  All opinions are her own.  Your experience may differ. 

People turn to compression stockings for many reasons including, diabetes, leg health, pregnancy, joint problems, shapewear and more. However, when asked about options most people can only picture the plain pantyhose or sock styles. These styles don't appeal to many people especially if they want to look fashionable and not appear to be wearing compression stockings. That is where RejuvaHealth steps in and puts a new face to the compression stocking industry.

RejuvaHealth delivers quality compression stockings in a variety of types including men's, maternity, diabetic, athletic, arm sleeves, thigh highs, leggings and more. Many of their styles are also offered in opaque, sheer, patterned or an athletic finish so no one has to know if a person is wearing compression stockings or not. They are bringing a new face to the world of compression.

My mother received a pair of the New RejuvaWear Compression Leggings in black. She has lost a lot of weight and was looking for something that would provide a gentle compression and provide coverage. She is also a runner so she was looking for something that would fit under her running pants without having to go with a pantyhose style. The RejuvaWear Compression Leggings are footless so you can switch them up different shoes and wear whatever socks you want depending on your outfit.

The key to obtaining a good fit on any compression garment is to pay careful attention to the size chart for that item. All items are created differently so you will want to size yourself for each item that you buy. She found that the RejuvaWear Compression Leggings were true to size and was happy with the length. She is 5'3" so she did have to fold the bottom up a little but it didn't affect the wear of the leggings at all.

The thing to remember when putting on any compression stocking is to read the directions first and put them on exactly how you are instructed to. Trying to put them on the way you normally would pantyhose or leggings is going to result in a much too tight fit and you will never get them fully on. Once the leggings were on there was a heavy compression feeling that got better after a few minutes. Wearing the RejuvaWear Compression Leggings alleviated the tired feeling that can happen in your legs after being on them all day or working out.


The best part is due to the material that is used, you are left with a nice smooth feeling when wearing the leggings. They also have a 4 inch wide waistband that smooths without rolling down and causing bunching. They are versatile and can be used for working out or flattening your trouble zones under your favorite outfit. They are thin enough that you can even wear them under other pants. My mother is looking forward to wearing them during the winter on her outside workouts to keep her warmer than just wearing her regular workout pants.

She has spoken so highly of them that I have put them at the top of my Christmas list and hope that Santa will bring me a pair. You don't have to wait until Christmas to get a pair because you can enter to win a pair of RejuvaHealth Compression Leggings below.

To find out more about Rejuvawear Compression products visit them online at RejuvaHealth.

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