Jun 15, 2016

Seymour Lake Park, Kids Kingdom and Splash Pad

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Originally published on 10/22/14.

 Seymour Lake Park is the home of Kids Kingdom (Playground) and Splash Pad.  They are located at 2795 Seymour Lake Road (west of M-24) in Oxford and open 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 pm. year round.  We visited in July (somehow the images got lost) and we were looking forward to featuring their Splash Pad during the summer.  

The Splash Pad was closed the day we visited.  (Even though we were there during posted hours of operation... ?).

The Splash Pad did not look too inviting without the water running.. YIKES! 

So we decided to visit the Kids Kingdom Playground.  Awesome feature number one: Restrooms.  Although the weren't the best restrooms, something is better than nothing when you got to go.  

The girls had a blast playing on the equipment.  There was so much to do.

The girls love to swing.

and balance...

 and slide...

Overall the playground was well maintained and clean.  If this park were closer, we would visit again.

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