Nov 3, 2014

Fred's Super-Hero Invisible Ink #BigHero6 #BayMaxScience Lemon Activity Ideas

More things to do with Lemons: 

Sink or Float: 
Ask your child(ren) to hypothesize: Will a whole lemon sink or float in water?  
Try it out, record the results. 
Next (have an adult) cut the lemon into a few slices.
Ask your child(ren) to hypothesize: Will the lemon slices sink or float in water?  
Try it out, record the results. 
More about this experiment here:

Supply the children with yellow non toxic ink pads and white paper. Show the child how to make fingerprints on the paper, using only one finger at a time. The fingerprints can represent lemons.  Ask the children to count how many lemons they make.  You could also print or draw a tree and ask them to put lemons on the tree. 

Lemon Seeds: 
Lemons have seeds.  Ask your child to estimate how many seeds they think will be in a lemon.  Then cut one open and find out.  Then try a few more to see if they are the same or different.

Seed Shakers
Take two sturdy paper plates. (The stronger the better)Place some seeds on one of the plates and place the other plate on top of the first so that both eating surface areas are facing each other. Use masking tape to seal the plates together. Have your child decorate with markers, glitter, construction paper, or ribbons. When dry, shake. Shake to music, shake it each time you take a step. Shake, Shake Shake!!! 

Seeds Collage
Supple the children with a variety of seeds from fruits. Have them glue the seeds onto a piece of paper.

Lemon Prints
Cut a lemon in half and let the child dip the lemon in paint and press onto a piece of paper.
Variation: Cut the paper into the shape of an "L"

Play Doh Fun
Let your child use play dough to create lemons/limes with yellow/green play-doh.

Torn Paper Lemons
Draw an circle on a piece of white paper or use a white paper plate. Tear yellow paper into dime sized bits (enough to cover your circle drawing.) Cut out one or two leafs from green paper. Have your child glue the torn pieces of paper onto the circle or plate. Then have your child glue on the leaves.

Lemon Tree
Supply each child with a tree shape and yellow non-toxic bingo dabber. Have the children put lemons or limes on the tree with the dabber.

Lime/Lemon Tree 2
Cut out a tree from brown and green paper. Glue the pieces together. Supply your child with green or yellow tempera paint and a pencil with an eraser. Have the child make prints on the tree with the eraser to make lemons or limes. After the picture has dried ask your child how many lemons/limes are on their tree.

Lime/Lemon Tree 3
Cut out a tree from brown and green paper. Glue the pieces together. Have the child dip a cork in paint to make the lemon/lime prints.

Lemon Sequencing 
Gather three to five different sized lemons. Set them on a table and ask your child to arrange the shapes according to size. For younger children, you can just start with two shapes and ask which is the smallest.

Lemon Toss 
Obtain a laundry basket, or a bushel basket, and yellow bean bags, or small yellow balls. Use masking tape to tape a line on the floor. Place the basket a couple of feet away from the line. Have the child stand behind the line, and try to toss the balls or bags (lemons) into the basket.

Lemon Hide and Seek 
Have all the children hide their eyes while you "hide" an lemon in the room. (It should be placed in plain view) Tell the children to find the lemon, but not touch it. Once they spot it they should sit back down in their spot. The first one to sit down again will get to hide the lemon.

Little Lemons
by Amber 
(sung to Ten little Indians) 
One little, two little, three little lemons, 
Four little, five little, six little lemons, 
Seven little, eight little, nine little lemons, 
Ten yellow lemons in the tree. 

Make hand squeezed lemonade with lemons, sugar, ice and water. 

Lemon Neck Relay
Before you begin, you will need to mark a start and finish line. Divide your group into 3 or 4 equal teams. Have one lemon for each group. Have the children in each team line up behind the start line. The first person in line will put the Lemon under their neck. Then, when you say go, then children will run to the finish line and back to the start to pass off the  lemon to the next in line. That person will then run to the finish line and back, and this will continue until each person on the team has had a turn. The first team to have their final person cross the finish line wins.
Optional rules:
No one may use their hands unless they drop the lemon.
If a child drops the lemon they must return to the start line.
Have all the children run at once with no teams.

Lemon Neck Relay 2
Divide your group into 3 or 4 equal teams. Have one lemon for each group. Have the children in each team line up. The first person in line will put the lemon under their neck. Then when you say "go" the first child will pass the lemon to the person behind them without using their hands. The second child must hold the lemon under their neck and pass it again until the lemon makes it to the end of the line. 
Optional Rules:
If a child drops the lemon, the lemon goes back to the first person in line.
Have all the children line up in one line and time how long it takes to pass it.

Lemon Passing Played like "Hot Potato"
The children sit in a circle. Have the children pass a lemon around the circle while you chant:
Lemon Lemon  a little bit sweet,
Lemon lemon tart to eat,
Who will get caught we will see,
We will count, one, two THREE!!!
Whoever is holding the lemon when you say three goes in the center for one turn. 
Play again, then the next person that is holding the lemon replaces the first child in the middle. 

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