Nov 3, 2014

Karen Drew, #MomsWhoShine @KDrewLocal4

#MomsWhoShine is a series about moms who have some kind of talent. The series was inspired by Dad of Divas Dads in the Limelight.

This week we are featuring Karen Drew from WDIV (local channel 4 in Metro Detroit).  I love her bubbly personality and the way she makes you feel at ease when you speak with her.  {That goes a long way when you are LIVE on the air.} She is simply an amazing person!  

Tell me about yourself. (For our fans, please share what makes you shine, feel free to include links here)
  My curiosity makes me shine I would have to say – that is in part why I became a reporter.  I have always wanted to know how something works, or the behind the scenes of events, the real story of a person’s life or accomplishments, or expose wrongdoings of people who take advantage of others.  So I ask A LOT of questions… and those questions in my everyday world tend to lead to stories that people care about.   I have done everything from covering the corruption of the Kwame Kilpatrick administration, to exposing environmental hazards in rivers, to showing the behind the scenes of the Oprah show, to covering breaking news standing in the middle of a Hurricane…. why because I’m curious and I think our viewers are as well .  

Tell me about your family.
    My husband is Paul, Madison is 4.5 years old and Morgan is 2.5. 

What is a normal day in your home like?
     Really no “normal” day – because my hours are all over the place.  But when I’m working days mornings are actually a FUN time --- Madison loves to pick out her own clothes, and so does Morgan.   9 times out of 10 I let them even if they don’t match – I love to encourage their decision making and individuality.  We eat breakfast at the table ( kids that is – mom and dad are running around getting ready )   Girls off to preschool, swimming, gymnastics, or sometimes a playdate.  We are lucky to have help with the girls while we are at work.  When we get home we try to have a family dinner  ( I’d day we do that about 6 out of 7 days) – sooo important for family bonding, baths, playtime, then reading and time to relax! 

What is the most rewarding thing about being a mom?
       I have never truly experienced such HAPPINESS in my life until my girls arrived.  I can look at them and smile, hear their feet running down the hallway and giggle, and love when I walk in the door to their HUGE hugs and laughter!  They have taught me so much on how to enjoy life and take things slow.

What is your biggest challenge of being a parent?
   Balance.  I think every mom wishes they could do MORE.  Spend more time with your kids, volunteer more, read more, play more, sing more, dance more.   Of course there is guilt sometimes being a working mom – but I every day I do my best to show them how IMPORTANT they are to me.  Sometimes it’s the QUALITY of time you spend instead of the quantity. 

How do you find balance between being a mom, working and having time for yourself?
     When I’m with the girls I try to truly “be there” with them, that mean phone down, engaged in the conversation, no multi-tasking.   As for time for myself – well I fail at that many times … I use to attend more events, travel more, get my nails done, go to the gym more, read more, etc … but I just figure during this time of my life I pass on some of those things as I would rather be with my family.

What are some of the lessons you’ve learned since becoming a Mom?
      I have learned to go slow – that is hard for a reporter who is always on a deadline.  Give your child the time to dress themselves, or let them help you even if it causes delays – don’t always be in such a rush.  When you play outside – look up to the sky and show your children how to enjoy the sky the clouds, take the time to go on a walk and pick flowers… slow down and live IN THE MOMENT!

What is the best advice about being a parent you have received and who gave it to you?
       Don’t feel bad when you are not “perfect” … sometimes my art projects are really sad with the girls, or I don’t make the best cookies or cakes, or I sometimes forget things.  That is ok – forgive yourself and move on….. Advice from my mom which I so appreciate!

What advice would you give to other moms?
         Don’t rush – live in the moment.  Whether its snuggling, breastfeeding, bath time, bike riding, etc… sometimes we are so busy planning on what is next we don’t really treasure the moment we are living in --  

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