Nov 7, 2014

Kidecals Review

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger: Eileen Songer

Eileen received free product in exchange for this promotional post.  All opinions expressed are those of Eileen.  Your experience may differ.

I am a mom of two boys, aged almost four and 16 months. These adorable mess makers are in the habit of unorganizing just about anything I can organize. Additionally, with my older son now attending preschool, in which everything has to be labeled (backpacks, cups, clothes, forehead) I jumped at the chance to review Kidecals, the super tough labels.
In full disclosure I received my Kidecals several weeks ago. I wanted to wait to review them to see how they held up against repeated washings. In that, they did beautifully. To poach a phrase, they took a licking and kept on sticking! Through lots of hot water and various detergents, they held up well and didn't leave sticky residue when I removed a few to test them.

But is that enough to trump the old mom hack of masking tape and a permanent marker? For that answer I will review the whole process.

Ordering was actually a little problematic. There are very few font choices, but realistically how many do you need for sippy cup labels? My issue was more with the design format. Once you choose the sheet of shapes and sizes you want, you will have to choose colors for the text. I wanted First Name on top and Last Name on bottom, using the same color for each. That isn't an option; each line begins anew! This design template uses the Pantone color wheel so matching them up was easier said than done. I finally resorted to copying and pasting the color number in the line, which created an error because it seems they can use the Pantone series but consumers can't. Ultimately I just chose two nice colors.

I had chosen two sheets of varying shapes and sizes, but then when I went to check out I had a change of heart and decided to change the text on one sheet. So I clicked "edit" and was returned back to the main page to start all over again instead of just changing the product I'd created... Sigh. The variety sheet is ideal for the beginning of a school year and all the assorted things kids need. In this assortment I do wish they had a micro-sized label that could just be for initials, say maybe for kids sunglasses or sippy cup valves.

After that ordering was easy and shipping is FREE via USPS. I'm a sucker for free shipping so mark that in the "win" column! They arrived in five days and were beautiful. The sheet feels sturdy and as previously mentioned they held up very well, exactly as promised. Bottom line, they are a little pricier than tape and a marker, and way ahead of the old school PTouch machine. But those labels surely won't survive the abuse these will. I recommend Kidecals for any mom who needs to keep track of lots of things the littles use!

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