Nov 5, 2014

Skirt The Issue #SkirtTheIssue

I have received free product to facilitate this promotional post.  All opinions are my own your experience may differ.

I have been doing yoga every Friday and one of the things that bugs me the most is when my shirt no longer performs its duty in covering my stomach.  Whether I am reaching my arms up in the air or touching my toes, I am not really fond of the thought of my mid drift being exposed.  It isn't pretty. so when I saw this product from Skirt the Issue I couldn't wait to try it out.

My favorite way to wear the skirt is to layer it under a particularly short shirt to give me a little pop of color and length.  I love how you can adjust the length to suit your preference so it is exactly as long as you want it.

The skirt does a pretty good job staying here you put it, which is nice.

I also like to wear the skirt tucked into my pants and under the shirt so if I bend over, or lift my arms I am covered.  No bare mid drift here... thank you. 

The product is meant to be worn as a skirt.  It isn't very flattering with my very full figure, but if I were a bit smaller I think I would be very happy with this option.

This skirt would be perfect over a pair of leggings, cute boots and shirt.  From yoga class to cute in 5 seconds... how awesome is that?  The skirt could even be worn as a cold weather scarf... how is that for versatility?

The skirt would make a great gift for fashion forwards gals on your holiday list.

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