Nov 14, 2014

Twelve Oaks Mall #Frozen Themed Ice Palace and Santa Experience

The Ice Palace at Twelve Oaks Mall features Disney Frozen.  The 30 foot Ice Palace has falling snow, a light show and other activities for the whole family.  Interactive globes showcase scenes such as Anna & Elsa ice skating with Olaf, plus Anna, Kristoff & Sven on their quest to find Elsa on the North Mountain. 

Twelve Oaks Mall is located  at 27500 Novi Road in Novi, right off of 96 (696).  

The girls had the most fun playing in the fake snow, which I'm sure no one thought anyone would be having snow fights, making snow angles and such shenanigans when they created this experience, but it was totally worth it.  See that smile?

The snow is before pictures with Santa, and it doesn't come off easily, so if you are planning on purchasing a photo with Santa, best to avoid large amounts of the snow...some of the snow didn't come off until bath time and it was still stuck to our clothes when we got home.

The girls enjoyed comparing their heights with Sven and Olaf and the Ice Experience station allowed the girls to try to make a handprint in the ice.  BRRRR it was cold.  

Photo packages are available for your family when you visit with Santa, but don't worry, your children can still see Santa if you don't want to purchase a photo.  Each child gets a cute Frozen Seek and Find Book.  Santa was in a great mood when we visited, very patient and kind to the girls.  

After you see Santa you can get your picture taken with Olaf on the Ice Throne: 

 Or buy Frozen merchandise at the the gift shop:

Overall a fun experience for the girls and worth the trip.

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