Dec 12, 2014

Face Painting Demo with #sponsoredpost

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Face painting is such a fun activity for kids to participate in.  It is perfect for birthday parties or special events.  Or you can really jazz up a Halloween Costume with offers many different tutorials and all the supplies you will need to get started.  

To give you an example of what they offer we are featuring the Spiderman tutorial below: 

You can also find PDF instructions here: 

The Snazaroo Rainbow Face Painting Theme Pack has the red, black and white paints required for this project, plus three more so you can use it for other face painting projects.  It also includes a mini brush and a poster with step by step instructions on creating colorful face designs.  This is a great set to get you started.  

Amerikan Body Art Holographic Sheer Glitter - Holographic White is also suggested for this project.  Amerikan Body Art Sheer Holographic Holographic White Cosmetic Glitter is brilliant sheer polyester glitter, ideal for face painting and glitter eyeliner. Sheer Holographic Jewels glitter adds a nice shimmery finish to your face paint design without covering the design.  The white color makes it a fantastic addition to your face painting collection or starter kit.  

The Paradise Face Paint Brush Kit is another great choice to get you started.  It offers three different sized brushes.

You can find other great tutorials here:

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