Dec 17, 2014

Flip 2 B Fit Game Night Review

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger - Jennifer Wooley -

Jennifer received a complimentary game in exchange for this promotional post.  All opinions are her own.  Your experience may differ.

Saturday night and instead of watching Netflix or playing video games, we opened a new game called Flip 2 B Fit.   It's very rare we have an opportunity to all play a game together, especially a board game, because of the age range in my kids.  I have 4 kids, ages 3-13  and we have yet to find a game we can all play together.  Flip 2 B Fit is a family fitness game, and as a health and fitness coach, I couldn't wait to push the coffee table out of the way and get moving.

When I opened the box, 2 games were included.  The first game was a board game for 2-4 players.  The object of the game is to get your game piece to the center of the game first.  To move your game piece, you spin the spinner and it lands on either cardio, strength, stretch or yoga and you draw the card that correlates with activity.  Each card has a move or stretch or pose for you to do and directions on how many spaces to move.  There are also other cards mixed in like the Fact or Fiction cards or the Healthy Choice cards or the Bad Food cards.  Making a good choice moves you up 2 spaces but picking a bad food choice could move you back 3.

My 3 year old was able to spin the spinner and pick the card that correlates with her spin choice because they were color coded.  One of the older kids read her the card and she could do the moves.  She was too young to understand the Fact or Fiction cards, but again the older kids just helped out with that.  All of the kids were engaged and there was lots of laughing as they posed and stretched their way to the winning circle.

After we played the board game, the kids wanted to try out the other game as well.  The game, Bakari, is a memory game.  It is a 1-4 person player game therefore all of my kids were able to give it a try together.  After shuffling the deck of 52 cards we placed them face down on the Flip 2 B Fit Memory Mat.  Each card has a cardio move, stretch, strengthening exercise or yoga pose on it.  The object is to match up two of the same cards and once you do you perform the exercise on the card.  Each card has a score on it and each successful match earns you points.  First player to reach 500 wins.

Playing this game had us smiling and laughing and out of breath.  There were Frog Hops and Windmills, and Chair Pose and Push-ups.  It didn't feel like we were exercising because it was so much fun.  Both games would be perfect for raining days and long winter nights and  Bakari will be traveling with us on our next vacation.

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Jennifer (Jenny) is the founder of Any Age Fitness. She's an Independent Beachbody Coach, nurse, wife, and mom of 4. Jenny is passionate about health, nutrition and exercise and helping others achieve their fitness goals regardless of how old they are or how old they might feel. In her spare time she enjoys reading.

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