Dec 4, 2014

Looking for a Career Change? Maybe Being a Lawyer Would be Right for You!

Metro Detroit Mommy Guest Blogger: Stephanie Fakih -

Looking for a new career? How to know if being a lawyer would be a good fit for you. One of the greatest things about a career as an attorney is you can make it what you want: you can choose your practice area -- family, criminal, civil, employment, personal injury and on and on. You can shape the length and depth of your career: partner at a law firm, associate at a law firm, sole practitioner, part-time legal consultant and on and on. You can also choose your client: corporate businesses, small businesses, underdogs, Goliaths and on and on. I think you get the idea: depending on your personal interests, financial needs and family structure, you can mold a legal career to fit every aspect of your life.

One way to help determine what area of law may be a good fit is to think about the things that make you shine, your unique characteristics. Are you very detail-orientated, perhaps even “Type A”? Consider contract drafting. Do you like being the center of attention and are quick-thinking on your feet? Look into a career as a litigator. Or, do you have a knack for negotiating? You could be a great divorce attorney that helps people resolve things seamlessly and painlessly (yes, that is possible).
But do you hear ‘law’ and start moaning and groaning? Not so fast, whether people realize it or not, almost every, if not every, aspect of our lives brushes against the law at one point or another. What does that mean for you? The law does not have to be boring because the things that interest you are related to the law, at least in some way.

Do you love fashion and designer brands? Maybe you would like protecting luxury good companies against copycats; you know, New York City, fake Prada bags sold out of a black garbage bag. Maybe you love your pets and can help to protect animal rights. Or maybe you love (fill in the blank) and you can (fill in the blank).

Whatever your preference, it is out there. And if it isn’t, create the space for yourself. Now more than ever, you can create a market for the legal services you want to provide. Plus, with recent technologies, it has never been easier to open and run your own firm. Things like Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), virtual offices, and “the cloud” allow someone with limited capital to operate a law firm until business builds.

I know attorneys usually get a bad rap, but the truth is a career in the law can be extremely fulfilling, thought-provoking and if nothing else, interesting. I promise no matter what area of law you choose, your work stories will beat any other at the Thanksgiving table.

Stephanie chose a career in law because she has a passion for helping people. She is committed to protecting the rights of her clients and upholding the promises of the United States Constitution through Stephanie also works to ensure that her clients understand their legal situation and the laws affecting them and their rights. Stephanie attends several continuing legal education seminars every month to ensure she is at the forefront of the ever-changing law.

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