Dec 22, 2014

Tiny Treasures Indoor Play Cafe - Walled Lake

Tiny Treasures Indoor Play Cafe is located at 1138 East West Maple Road in Walled Lake {in the Maple Shopping Center}.  We took the kids out there to play (courtesy of Tiny Treasures) and had a grand time.

This location is now closed! - 11/30/16

Tiny Treasures has so much to offer for a fun filled indoor play date with your little ones.  There's a ball pit, trampoline, ride on vehicles, infant/toddler area, dress up, play kitchen, arts and crafts, bounce house and so much more.  

There is plenty of space to roam around and burn off some extra energy in the open space.  I love how you can see your kids from most anywhere in the play area.  It makes it easy to keep an eye on three very active kids. 

Although, the ball pit made it really easy to keep an eye on them most of the times, since they spent most of their time playing and jumping in the balls.  It was so much fun, I even joined them in the fun.  They buried themselves, tossed the balls in the air, rolled around and they smiled the whole time.

Rosa had a ton of fun exploring the art area, Enzo loved the Ball Pit and riding toys and Carlyn was all over the place playing with everything.

The Bounce House was also a big hit with the kids.  Another great plus is that there is always someone walking around cleaning up after the kids.The toys and equipment are clean and well maintained.

Tiny Treasures Indoor Play Cafe is a great place to gather with friends for a children's play date, celebrate a birthday, host a mom's group event, or just drop in and play.

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